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* indicates the corresponding author(s) 

Lee HL, Jang JP, Lee JB, Shin MK, Lee JS*, Son DH. Stretchable Gold Nanomembrane Electrode with Ionic Hydrogel Skin-Adhesive Properties. Polymers. 2023,15(18),3852 (2023 IF: 5.0)

Shin J, An S, Choi S, Shin M, Lee JS, Cho JH, Lee H, Cho SW. Ferritin nanoshuttle for long-lasting self-healing of phenolic hydrogels. Nano Letters. 2023:23(13):5934-5942 (2022 IF: 12.262)


Li Y, Lee JS, Kirtane A, Li M, Coffey C, Hess K, Lopes A, Collins J, Tamang S, Ishida K, Hayward A, Wainer J, Wentworth A, Traverso G. Enzyme-triggered intestine-specific targeting adhesive platform for universal oral drug delivery. Advanced Healthcare Materials. 2023 in press (2022 IF: 11.092)


Lee JS, Kim H, Carroll G, Liu G, Kirtane A, Hayward A, Wentworth A, Lopes A, Collins J, Tamang S, Ishida K, Hess K, Li J, Zhang S, Traverso G. A Multifunctional decellularized-gut suture platformMatter. 2023:6(7):2293-2311 (2022 IF: 19.967)

[covered in NatureMIT News, Medical XpressInnovation Origins, Compsmag, News-Medical.Net, Technology Networks, New Atlas, Time.News, ReachMD, SciTechDaily파이낸셜뉴스, 메디컬투데이]

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Kheradmandfard M, Penkov OV, Kashani-Bozorg SF, Lee JS, Kim CL, Khadem M, Cho SW, Hanzaki AZ, Kim DE. Exceptional improvement in the wear resistance of biomedical β-type titanium alloy with the use of a biocompatible multilayer Si/DLC nanocomposite coating. Ceramics International. 2022:48(12):17376-17384 (2021 IF: 4.527)

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Cho AN, Jin Y, An Y, Kim J, Choi YS, Lee JS, Kim J, Choi WY, Koo DJ, Yu W, Chang GE, Kim DY, Jo SH, Kim J, Kim SY, Kim YG, Kim JY, Choi N, Cheong E, Kim YJ, Je H, Kang HC, Cho SW. Microfluidic device with brain extracellular matrix promotes structural and functional maturation of human brain organoids. Nature Communications 2021:12(1):4730 (2020 IF: 14.919)

Lee JS, Choi YS, Lee JS, Jeon EJ, An S, Lee MS, Yang HS, Cho SW. Mechanically-reinforced and highly adhesive decellularized tissue-derived hydrogel for efficient tissue repair. Chemical Engineering Journal 2022:427(1):130926 (2020 IF: 13.273) 

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Choi Y, Jeong E, Lee JS, Kim SK, Jo SH, Kim YG, Sung HJ, Cho SW, Jin Y. Immunomodulatory scaffolds derived from lymph node extracellular matrices. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2020:13(12):14037-14049 (IF: 8.758)

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Lee JS*, Yang K, Cho AN, Cho SW. Ferritin nanoparticles for improved self-renewal and differentiation of human neural stem cells. Biomaterials Research 2018:22:5 Highlighted as a Cover Work

Cho JH*, Lee JS*, Shin J, Jeon EJ, An S, Choi YS, Cho SW. Ascidian-inspired fast-forming hydrogel system for versatile biomedical applications: pyrogallol chemistry for dual modes of crosslinking mechanism. Advanced Functional Materials 2018:28(6):1705244 (IF: 16.836) Highlighted as a Cover Work

Jin Y, Kim J, Lee JS, Min S, Kim S, Ahn DH, Kim YG, Cho SW. Vascularized liver organoids generated using induced hepatic tissue and dynamic liver-specific microenvironment as a drug testing platform. Advanced Functional Materials 2018:28(37):1801954 (IF: 16.836) Highlighted as a Cover Work

Kheradmandfard M, Kashani-Bozorg SF, Lee JS, Kim CH, Hanzaki AZ, Pyun YS, Cho SW, Amanov A, Kim DE. Significant improvement in cell adhesion and wear resistance of biomedical β-type titanium alloy through ultrasonic nanocrystal surface modification. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 2018:762:941-949 (IF: 4.65)

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Han H, Lee JS, Kim H, Shin S, Lee H, Kim J, Hou X, Cho SW, Seo J, Lee T. Single-droplet multiplex bioassay on a robust and stretchable extreme wetting substrate through vacuum-based droplet manipulation. ACS Nano 2018:12(2):932-941 (IF: 14.588)

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Park HJ, Jeon EJ, Lee JS, Hong SH, Cho AN, Lee J, Moon JS, Jung KE, Oh JW, Lee H, Cho SW. Galactosylated lipidoid nanoparticles for delivery of small interfering RNA to inhibit hepatitis C viral replication in vivo. Advanced Healthcare Materials 2016:5(22):2931-2941 (IF: 7.367)

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Seo J, Lee SK, Lee J, Lee JS, Kwon H, Cho SW, Ahn JH, Lee T. Path-programmable water droplet manipulations on an adhesion controlled superhydrophobic surface. Scientific Reports 2015:5:12326-1 – 12326-10 (IF: 3.998)

Seo J*, Lee JS*, Lee K, Kim D, Yang K, Shin S, Mahata C, Jung HB, Lee W, Cho SW, Lee T. Switchable water-adhesive, superhydrophobic palladium-layered silicon nanowires potentiate the angiogenic efficacy of human stem cell spheroids. Advanced Materials 2014;35(37):9811-9823 (IF: 27.398) Highlighted as a Cover Work

Lee JS*, Lee K, Moon SH, Chung HM, Lee JH, Um SH, Kim DI, Cho SW. Mussel-inspired cell-adhesion peptide modification for enhanced endothelialization of decellularized blood vessels. Macromolecular Bioscience 2014; 14(8):1181-1189 (IF: 3.416)

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Han S, Yang K, Shin Y, Lee JS, Kamm RD, Chung S, Cho SW. Three-dimensional extracellular matrix-mediated neural stem cell differentiation in a microfluidic device. Lab on a Chip 2012;12(13):2305-2308 (IF: 6.774)

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